Here… it took bloody long enough

First stop was Brunei… crazy little place… so many nice houses.. so ritch there.. the airport was tiny though. brunei was cool.. we might extend the ticket by 10 days and stop off there for like 5 days or summin… mite be cool.. you enver know… anyway.. i have a blocked ear.. stil.. from the bloody airpoplane.. as soon as we landed in brunei.. no bloody warning from the pilot.. we just started dropin.. was crazy..

hehe long story short we landed.. we landed in bangkok at 8:45pm thai time.. i think.. wasnty really keeping track.. you know how it is… anyhow.. we get t the airport… and what do you know… we have nothing to do.. so we decide to go outside for the first time just to check things out ay… well yeh… we walk outside.. and bam!!! the polution hits us. welll first the heat.. then the polution.. it was crazy… yeh you read me…. CRAZY.. landed a coughing fit it was so bad…

anyway… we went inside to walk to the domestic terminal.. with a little thai person either offering an overpriced taxi or hotel room.. so we like NOO… and they like.. Taxi.. you buy now… we didnt buy one in the end.. but on the way to the domestic terminal.. we went to a 7/11 and bought beer and snacks… yeh.. beer.. they sell booze at the 7/11’s actually there is booze everywhere.. but not the same as aus.. no no… its better people dont get pissed off their faces and try start fights with you… its so good here… anyhoo.. walkin to the terminal.. it was crazy cause of the polution.. coughing fit all the way.. the beer did sooth the aching cough though… yeh.. so anyway.. after an 8 hour sleep in the airport.. we went to the bording gates..

it was so cool.. they give you complimentery penut brittle and sum custard tart thing.. and juice tea coffee.. all that jazz anyway.. yeh.. so we got on this little maybe 30 passenger plane..w as kinda cool.. at 6 freakin am… and i cudnt fit in the seats.. now that i think about it.. maybe i should have taken a photo.. hehe yah…. so we landed at koh samui airport..

and the whole thing well.. what we could see was basically still under construction.. was kinda funny… yeh so we go get a cab… 300baht to take us to our hotel.. hheheh yeh was cool though.. dun up mini bus with a tv inside heheh it was awsome.. and the driving is even better.. everyone is all over the roads.. its so cool. like normal australian drivers…. yeh and so i will try get up to speed… so yeh.. we decided to go to a real thai market… hehe this photo is great… im never eating meat here again… arg.. im gonna get the cable.. need to put more photos on.
They are all on giorgios camera…

Oh yeh… this photo.. this is at the thai maket.. click on it to make it bigger for a closer look.. anyway.. no meat.. never again.. but yeh… also went to have re
al thai food.. if you thought thai food was spicy.. guess again.. they dumb it down for us you realise… i went through 2 drinks in about 3 forks of food… freakin spicy…
Very spicy… got a better photo of me on giorgios camera… yah.. so also bought some fruit from the market… cost us like 1 dollar or summin.. cant remember exactly… oh and the meal was like $8 for everything… anyhow… the fruit… thing on the left is like an orange.. its huge… and the mangos are nice.. different taste and all.. the bannanas are tiny.. and alot sweeter than normal.. they are pretty decent.

so yeh… other than that.. anyone for some chocolate colon
and with that note im off…
gonna go buy some water… chow people.

  1 comment for “Here… it took bloody long enough

  1. Softy
    January 17, 2006 at 8:10 am

    SOUNDS MADDDD, Rossco.. giorgio doesnt look annoying yet :D.. it’s good to hear you’re eating spicy fooD :P!! ALso good to hear u got to thailand in half a piece ;).. that’s what it sound like anyway.. Wella G’luck.. Dont let the thai bugs bite.. 😀 ENjoy!!

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