Hot Hot Hot!!

Ok… well.. its day urm… 5 i think… yeh… day 5.. on the 16th.. day 3 we went to this resteraunt for dinner… and well.. funny thing.. the guy who greets you at the door.. omg.. he had a better english speaking accent than giorgio after 6 years in australia.. i filmed him of course.. gonna put the file on for you guys all to enjoy.. hehe was so funny.. here yah go click this to see the guy who speaks better than giorgio … the file is like 13megs… and got giorgio farkin laughing in the background… sigh..

so anyway.. yesterday we went kayaking and snorkeling… i forget the names of the islands where we went.. caught a speed boat they took us to this one place where we kayaked around for like 15min… kinda short.. then they took us to another island where we had to walk up a shit load of stairs and climb through two little rock wholes.. to get to a view.. was pretty cool… then they took us to another island for lunch and when we got off the speed boat a monk took a photo of us with his digital camera.. dunno what a monk is doing with a digital camera…

After lunch they took us to this other spot in the middle of no where well next to this island but it was like just a rock in the middle of the ocean.. anyway.. there were a few things like broken old fishing nets and old woden pillars which looked like they were from broken boats.. i recon they put them there for effect…

e i forget.. we went to that full moon party giorgio was so excited to go to… mmmm…. yes well.. you all know how i like raves and all.. anyway the only good part was the people throwing fire and jumping through burning rings.. oh and running on fire.. that was cool… but yeh other than that the only really good thing was the drum and bass / jungle section… i must admit some of the things about it were cool like so mny different types of music.. and the booze buckets… you choose a bucket and the guy just pours a bottle of rum or whiskey or whatever is in the bucket you choose and a soft drink and u drink away.. pluss its only like 150baht to 300baht… pretty damb cheap. other than that.. ill try upload a sample of the music for you vads.. its like 4.9megs…. and it has me trying to talk to giorgio in the end… there was sum british guy there doing the wording for the drum and bass / jungle section… he was pretty good… click here for the muzac

so yeh… back to day 5.. im here at the net cafe again cause giorgio feels sick now.. so he doesnt want to leave yet… we already extended the stay from 3 days to 5.. and well.. now its 6.. personally im gettin kinda bored of this place.. its very touristy and all the same old stuff.. but we might hire a scooter tomorrow and just drive around the island… apparently its pretty good.. i met a south african couple from cape town that said we should do it.. hehe.. gotta trust them south africans ay…

anyhoo.. also have to take the clothes to be washed tonight before we leave… its like 40baht per 1 kg of clothes.. hehe so cheap.. thailand rocks…

oh yeh… ollie you shouldave come man… you wo
uld have been so much better with me in the kayak.. giorgio and i took turns in the front.. he went in the back first.. and i was in the front.. so yeh.. back is the power front is the stearing… i was basically trying to keep us mooving and steer the bloody thing when i was in the front.. anyway i got in the back and all was good in the end hehehe… yeh so im gonna chuck some photos in… ooh yeh.. got giorgios camera so i got all the good photos… ooooooooh yeh.. one more thing giorgio forgot to charge the battery for the camera before we went snorkeling.. so we only have a couple of photos.. and none of the water.. sigh… but yeh here are the pics…

These are one of the tables where you could purchase your buck
ets of booze…

This is one of the many drug dealers at the party.. he he… im a sly little camera man… how wasted does he look ay… been using all the stock on himself… not good for business…

This is from the day earlier where we had the actual thai food.. omg.. it was hot…

This is the fish i had at the resteraunt where we found the guy that could speak english better than giorgio.. I got the video.. its kinda funny. here is the link again.
guy who speaks better than giorgio .. the fish was awsome though.. giorgio had crab.. he said it was good… hehhe oh yeh.. giorgio was gettin hit on by this 50 year old waitress hehehehe.. was so funny.. ooo and this gay waiter.. he was full on gay… it was also really funny.. here is a pic of him aswell..

Ok.. to the first pic is the view.. the second pic is just one of the sets of many stairs.. and the third.. is me about to hit giorgio across the head with a paddel cause he wasn’t rowing…

All in all.. its going pretty good.. gonna book our ticket off koh samui tonight.. and then on the 20th at about 6 or 7am we should be on our way to the mainland then to puket or katan… i think thats the name of it… anyway.. i bid you all fairwell.. and star.. wish you were here… 😀

ooo yeh.. hannah 😀 dont say a werd ollie.. or i kill you… anyway.. im off gotta see if giorgio is awake or feeling better.. sigh… bye bye alllll!!!!

  2 comments for “Hot Hot Hot!!

  1. OLLIE!!
    January 18, 2006 at 11:23 pm

    your gonna so get hahaha… u bum rossco!! sounds like you girls are having a mad time.. wish i was the :`(…

    HOw’s jojo feeling after the *cough* *cough* :P. Damn Iti.

    And cmon ross, i havent said anyting :D.. serious.. but i did tell a few ppl about ur blog… sooooo… lol. I dont think anyone apart from me, is looking at this anyway… i had another fitness first interview.. i actually get to meet with the big BOSS this time.. well good luck Boys.. love the photo’s you look like you’re killin it.. haha watch out thailand!!! 😀 Cya mon.. and are you even reading my posts!!!!! I’m the only one posting.. grrrr.. 😛

  2. pEdsO
    January 21, 2006 at 1:52 pm

    hehe hurry up and get laid and brag about it already.

    i cant wait till me and steves go.

    good to see u guys having heaps of fun.

    neways i applied for this mad job but i dont think i gonna get it. You’d however wouldve gotten it instantly and its 20 bux an hour.

    i didnt get it coz i dont got a car.
    Get this: Vodka Taste Tester!!! u got the rsa, u got the personality, and a car..oh well

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