Italian Love Story

Once apon’a a time’a… there lived a’a little italian’a boy’a …. this’a little’a boy’a decided’a one day that’a he wanted to go’a to’a thaliand’o when’a he went’a to this’a beautiful’a country’o he would brainwash’a a friendly very handsom south african’o fellow’o..

when the little’a italian’o boy and his handsom’a south african’o friend’o arrived in the wonderful land’a of thailand’o he wanted’a to find a girl’o.

so the nice south african’a friend decided to help his little italian’o brainwasher. when they were walking through’a the street full of friendly’a lady’s’a willing to take your money for sexual’o favour’o’s the friendly south african’o fellow’a helpfully pushed the italian’o boy into a crowd’a of nice looking’o girly’a’s.. then ran’a off’o

eventually’o to find’a that he was’a woken up’o at 3 freakin’o am in the freakin’o morning’a to find’a that he had to lend’o his good italian’a friendo 1500baht cause he couldnt’a afford’o to pay’a the girl’o and then’a got kicked out’o of the room’a…

anyhow… the moral of the story is dont listen to italians… also as i discovered their spedo’s smell pretty freakin bad when they take them out of their bags…. geeeeeeeeeez!!!!

anyway.. we are on Koh phi phi now.. the place is pretty messed up a little since the tsunami.. but its really cheap.. i guess they are still trying to get customers to come back to the place… we are going kayaking again today and gona go snorkaling… then prolly gonna relax and maybe go party.. apparently this place is ment to go off at night.. woooooo i love party’s…. curls up in a ball and cry’s….

anyway… 4 nights here.. this place is honestly alot beter than phuket… we are going back to phuket for 2 nights then flying over to the east cost… anyway yeh will quickly put up some photos.. like i said… this place is expensive for the net but everything else is dirt cheap..

photos!!!!! šŸ˜€

OOOO this was in the tiger bar.. hehe awsome ay… oooo yeh.. get freaky mister tiger!!!!

This is a girl at 7/11 now this is the reason we are going back to phuket for 2 nights… cause giorgio thinks this girl likes him… i meen.. im not saying he doesnt have a good chance with this girl.. then again.. hey… im not saying anyone doesnt have a good chance with girls in thailand at all… so eh….

hehe one of the many monkeys at the budah cave… was kinda cool.. i pinched a bannana off some lady who was to scared to feed the monkey herself.. hehe they are so cute.. they start to squeek at you.. then they jump on you and claw your eyes out….. suckers.. they were damb supprised when they discovered i where glasses… poor giorgio though.. eh anyway.. so this is now a solo trip šŸ˜€

Ooo James bond island…. this thing is so small.. its a freakin rock next to a little tourist island.. hehe but still looked pretty cool….

Anyway.. thats all for now.. chow people. heheh enjoy your dull lives in sydney šŸ˜€

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