Captains Blog… Earth date 29 January 2006

We have been traveling for 16 days now… My first mate Giorgio has already lost what little mind he had to begin with. I must add, the smell.. Its unbearable… Almost like something crawled into the room and died… But we got rid of the body.. So its getting better now…

you can get away with anything here.. Its awesome.!!

the food is pretty good too… Only 50baht for a pad Thai.. mmmm yummy.

so anyway. Lets get down to business.. My lower back is hurting for some reason… And yea today we are off to Ao Nang… Railay beach… In Krabi province… so yeh.. Giorgio has forgotten his love at the patong beach 7/11… who knows maybe one day he will come back and re kindle this love. ok ok.. so off to railay beach for maybe 3 nights… Depending on the hotel… then we will be busing it up to Petchaburi then to Changmai and then to bangkok… Depending on the amount of time we have left for the ol’ trip…

should be good though… other than that… yeh the reason im on the net again is because we have to wait till bloody 3:30pm till the boat leaves… i meen cmoooooooooon….. so we checked out of our nice little bungalow.. and here we are… 4 hours to do something.. with nothing to do… hmm… thinking beach.

oh yeh… ran into david rubel for some reason… hmmm… wierd ay… he was here with his girlfriend and some other new zealander and another girl… wonder how many beds they will be having in their room??????

ok ok…. also guess what… oh yeh you guessed it.. giorgio swapped memory cards in the camera last night so i dont have any photos with me to put on… stupido italiano….
so will have to do a double update next time… ok ok.. im gonna go bum on the net or get summin to drink…

catch ya’all laterz

  2 comments for “Captains Blog… Earth date 29 January 2006

  1. Peter From Tafe
    February 1, 2006 at 6:46 pm

    Sounds like your having an awsome time. I got Supercard. 1 GIG SD card and damn im having the time of my life with them .

    Have a look if you can find them there.

  2. pEdsO
    February 5, 2006 at 7:25 am

    ur back is sore?
    i wonder why;)
    getting some pelvic workouts?

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