Yee Ol’ Worm Farmin’

Howdy Ya’ll

Well, I applied and have been accepted to participate in the Home Composting Scheme.

This is an effort to reduce the amount of food wastage which has to be carted away to a landfill and would eventually decompose and break down, but in its state would also create Methane Gas.

This also costs the councils a lot of money every year, and I’m all for making my council richer “ha ha” but seriously.

The project I have been chosen to participate in is worm farming. This is going to be great fun and aside from being rewarded with worm castings (poop) and worm juice (wee,) I can use this as fertiliser for my dieing herb garden. Apparently worm juice can also be used on sun burn, so somewhere along the line I am going to test that.

Now, I will be picking up my worm farm in the next couple of weeks, when I get a chance in my busy schedule. I will also be purchasing a cheap surveillance camera to try catch some footage of the little fella’s for your personal enjoyment.

Aint life just grand, I will also be researching them a little further, worms are such interesting creatures.

I wonder if I qualify for the farmers drought fund?

By the way, I believe they are still accepting people, this is for Waverley, Randwick and Woollarah Council area’s.

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