The worms have arrived!

No, these are not the type of parasitic worms which some unfortunate beings are a custom to.

I am of course referring to Earth Worms.

So, I have started with a humble population of 1000 worms. These are a mix of species, Reds, Tigers and Blues. According to the manual, “yes they came with a manual.” This says that these particular species will breed, live and work well in the rich environment, I suppose they mean all the good food we get and then waste.

Well as was mentioned previously, this project is to reduce the amount of food waste going to the tip and eventually building up Methane Gas.

Now, I setup my worm farm on Saturday afternoon 05/12/2009 around 13:30. I have checked up on the little guys and girls, well in the worms case, being hermaphrodites, they are all guys and girls. So I have been checking up on them just to make sure they have been settling into their new habitat. So far I have not given them any food scraps, they have a large helping of Coir (Coconut Husk) which should essentially last a week. I will check up on them within the next couple of days though and make sure they are doing well.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Heston’s Feasts

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