Tokyo w00t

Ok, this is night number 4 of my stop over in Japan on the way to the good ol’ US of A.

I have really just been wondering around Tokyo a lot. I have caught quite a few trains since I have been here and it is awesome.
So, the people are amazing here, they are mostly polite and helpful.

It is quite odd, all it seems like there is to do here is eat and shop. They really do love food here, every show on TV has someone eating. The odd thing is they always have one bite which could explain why everyone is so skinny here. They shows are like games as well and the adverts are like shows so its hard to distinguish between them.

I am staying at the Sakura Hotel Hatagaya, which is pretty nice for the price. Sakura is actually a chain all over Tokyo and they have Sakura Houses which you can rent for a few months or longer.
Well, Sakura House organised an event “How to enjoy Izakaya (Japanese style bar)”
This was great fun and I finally learnt what people always shout at when when I walk into every where!!

“Irassyaimase (Welcome)”” and when in a restaurant its followed by “Nan-mei-sama desuka? (How many?)”
It is really funny cause I just mumble Hai!

One thing was really cool, I managed to buy a cable for my iPhone, a converter plug to go from 3 prong to 2, and a Micro SD Card for a camera all with hand gestures to a man who did not speak much English as all. I was pretty impressed.

Oooo, another amazing thing, I actually found clothes that fit me!!! 🙂 There is a store called Uni Qlo which appears to stock mostly man size clothes so I bought a really cool bright yellow jacket, 2 jumpers and a pair of jeans!! all for less than $140. I am going to go back there to see if I can find a suite on my way back through.

This is the final night here and so far I think I have had a good whack at all the Japanese sweets and Bread Top style shops. I have managed to survive after ordering by just pointing to a menu and choosing a random button on a vending machine for food.
Ooo, in Harajuku there are these Crepe places which fill them with ice-cream or cheese cake and whipped cream, and it looks as though people go crazy for them cause there was a massive line.

I have to be honest, it looks like harajuku is such a tourist trap because of the temple. I did not really enjoy the area that much, I need to head into Rapongi and check out the art gallery’s and what not.

One bad thing is that smoking is allowed here, and while it is not that bad in the case of the Japanese as they normally smoke in designated areas, even outside, there are little areas with ashtrays. The problem is that tourists tend to abuse this openness by smoking all the time and everywhere, the room smells of smoke which sucks but eh, its still a great place.

The weather has improved a lot and it has started to get sunny and warm just before I leave of course. But it should be really nice when I am back in May.

There are lots of French people around and Europeans hehe pooor people being stuck here 😛

Right, I am going to go to bed now. Early rise to hit the breakfast table, mmm soup and toast….. yum….. Check out is at 10am and I still need to head into the airport early. I can have my ticket reissued for 4500yen so that will fix the whole name problem. I have no idea why I have to pay so much for them to re print my ticket, but I do want to get into the USA when I land in LA.

Oh before I go, the hostel I booked in New York closed down suddenly… great huh? Well I managed to book another one but on the 30th the room was unavailable so I have to figure out what I am going to do for that too.

As for photos, stay tuned, I have loaded them onto the computer and I will compress them for upload when I am on the ground in the USA.

Chow for now.

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