LA to New Orleans

Right, Landed in LA on the 19th May. Now that is a pretty huge airport. It is certainly the largest I have been to.

We managed to catch a Super Shuttle right to the hotel which costs $16 not to shabby. Stayed at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, its pretty decent.

The room was HUGE, and coming straight from Japan it seemed even bigger. The hotel also has a shuttle service to Disneyland which was pretty decent of them. We went to the park for Disneyland and the Disney California Adventure park which is also Disney but not to the same degree.

The rides were pretty fun and yeh, they do get a little boring after several times.

Oooo. Ok, so food right. Sigh. I have to say the food there are really not very impressive. Ok, granted we were in the tourist area because we were staying in the Disneyland area, but they seriously need to fix that. There were plenty of Maccas and KFC’s and Del Taco take away places. I had what I thought was a Yogurt at the hotel, and well, it was not a Yogurt. It was a Parfait, with fake Yogurt. Rather Disgusting. We did eat at a Seafood restaurant called Bonehead and well, it was great. Compared to what is available in LA it was amazing.

Well now just to be up to date. We have landed in New Orleans. I left LA at 10:45, I landed in New Orleans at 16:30. Now it was only a 3 hour flight, its all to do with the timezones baby.

Now, landing at the airport went well, and I managed to get my suitecase in record time. The only problem was the shuttle bus from New Orleans airport to  the hotel. It took us 3 hours 30 min to get from the airport to the hotel, and they dropped us at the wrong hotel 🙂 It was not to bad though as our hotel was about 500 meters away.

Right, so after finally checking in, we did go for dinner to a cool restaurant Food was good and we have basically been chillaxing since. We will be heading to the Jazz Fest tomorrow which is in a big Field and apparently it may be raining to I am not sure about taking the camera with.

Well, It should be a long and good day tomorrow. catch ya all

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